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The Loch Ness Mouse III

The Loch Ness Mouse keep on trucking. Their newest record, called The Loch Ness Mouse III, has hit the shelves, and it marks the end of their ambitious LNM-trilogy which started 6 years ago. We think this is a great achievement, and we cannot help but applaud them for this. We have of course this record for sale in our pop store, both the CD and the LP along with a heap of other releases by the band.

2nd try: Oslo Oscillator and Firefly Effect at Last Train

In November last year, Oslo Oscillator and Firefly Effect were scheduled to play at Last Train, but unfortunately one of the band members of Firefly Effect tested positive on Covid-19, so Oslo Oscillator were left to themselves. On Wednesday we will make another try, DJ Vegard Systad included, and hopefully everybody stays healthy this time around.

Date: April 27
Venue: Last Train
Doors: 21:00
Admission: 150,-

Oslo Oscillator and Firefly Effect at Last Train

Some months ago, actually 17 of them, Oslo Oscillator were scheduled to play at Last Train, but for some well known reason they had to cancel the concert along with thousands of other artists. But now things are a bit more normal again, and Last Train is again the venue where you have a rare opportunity to experience them live at stage. Talking about a rare opportunity – it feels like it’s decades ago that Firefly Effect entered a stage, but today is the day to welcome them back. DJ Vegard Syrstad (The Jessica Fletchers, Truls and the Trees, The Bus Shelters) will play some oldies and newies before, in between, and after the concerts.

Date: November 25
Venue: Last Train
Doors: 21:00
Admission: 150,-

Almost a riot, and someone played on a Rickenbacker

As mentioned earlier, Don Bingo had found a box with I Used To Be Mod and In Orbit on vinyl, and we did put them up for sale in connection with the concert on Thursday. We must admit that this was the closest we have been to a riot, because as soon as we entered the venue in order to put up the merch table, people approached us desperate to get hold of the goodies. When the dust had settled a few minutes later, we were sold out, making our effort to put them on our price list (bottom left on the picture) in vain.

Due to a loose screw on his own bass, Andreas had to borrow one for the show, and this is the first time we have seen him playing on a Rickenbacker. We have to say it sounded awsome.

Newish songs by Oslo Oscillator

This is not exactly regarded as breaking new since we a couple of months late, but here we go. During the last few months, Oslo Oscillator ha released 3 new songs as digital singles, and you can stream and download these at (almost) all services you can name. We encourage you all to listen to them. You will find that the three songs show three different sides of the band.

You can consider this as a new start of Oslo Oscillator’s recording career which will eventually result in the second album from the band
, but as usual it will take a while before a physical product hits the shelfs, hopefully before 2022 is history.

Loch Ness Mouse & Astroburger

Astroburger and The Loch Ness Mouse join forces and play at Mir on Thursday September 23. This is an incredibly rare opportunity you have to see both bands at the same time as it is not often their paths cross.
You have an even bigger reason to come if you are desperately looking for I Used To Be Mod and In Orbit on vinyl. Don Bingo found a box with these in a dark and scary corner of the garage, and they will be sold along with other merchandise. Read his blog of the event here.

Date: September 23
Venue: Mir
Doors: 20:00
Admission: 200,-


Drinking Songs for Dirty Blondes

Tuesday Knight, known from The Blind Bats, The Vacuum Dreamers and Frequency TV, has released a nice little booklet (32 pages) with some of her lyrics, illustrated by Ronny Haugeland. In that connection, two pieces have been written that were meant to be just short blurbs, but somehow ended up more like essays. The first one is penned by Sandy Shore and Mrs. F***, the second version is written by Andrew (just some random guy). Please read them both, and you can buy the booklet here.

Drinking Songs for Dirty Blondes – introduction #1

It all started on a Tuesday night, when Tuesday Knight saw the first light of day. What colour her hair was, (or if she had any hair at all at that time), is not known. But at the age of three, she had a mass of fair curls surrounding her little baby face. As the years went by, her hair grew steadily darker, until one day, she had become – a dirty blonde. So dirty, that some might even call her a brunette.

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Order the booklet here!

Drinking Songs for Dirty Blondes – introduction #2

It might have been a Tuesday night, when Tuesday Knight developed a taste for drinking beer and listening to rock-n-roll. The details are all too unfamiliar with those that are familiar with that time and place.

What is known is that a Rickenbacker bass guitar was purchased, and lurking under that dirty blonde hair – often mistaken for brunette in the Norwegian darkness that consumes so much of the calendar – the ember of an idea took light.

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Je Suis Animal – Painted In My Face EP

Today sees the digital release of the Painted In My Face EP, comprising of the Cloudberry Records 7″ single A-side, plus the demo version of Sparkle Spit, and an unreleased track, Forglemmegei, mastered by Audun Strype. To listen to the songs – please head to Bandcamp or stream the tracks at the usual places.

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