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The Moonrock Sonata presented by Astroburger

Christmas is approaching, and Astroburger keeps the Christmas tradition alive by having a concert at Kafé Hærverk. They have called the evening The Moonrock Sonata, which is yet another pop opera celebrating the moon landing. Hopefully you are not sick and tired of pop operas on this topic after a year full of these, but take the opportunity to listen to Astroburgers take on this topic.

Date: December 19
Venue: Kafé Hærverk
Doors: 20:00

Astroburger at Kafé Hærverk on Thursday

Yet again Astroburger will visit Kafé Hærverk in order to bring the indiepop joy to the masses. Date: June 27.

New record from The Loch Ness Mouse

The Loch Ness Mouse keeps on trucking, and a couple of months ago the released a new record called The Loch Ness Mouse II. It was originally commissioned by the Japanese record label P-Vine (CD), but the Norwegian label Voices of Wonder expressed interest and has relesed the LP version of the record. The record mainly consists of new songs, but there are also some rerecorded oldies thrown in for good measure. The reviews of the album are very good, and you will find some quotes here – Norwegian only. And the LP is of course for sale in our popshop.

Astroburger and American Suitcase live December 21

Christmas is approaching, and the same goes for the traditional pre-Christmas concert of Astroburger at Kafé Hærverk. Well, this is only the second year, but two times in a row is a tradition. Anyway, this year Astroburger have persuaded American Suitcase to join them for the evening, and since the December solstice occurs 22:23 (UTC) this evening, every signs tells us that this evening will be a blast.

Date: December 21
Venue: Kafé Hærverk
Doors: 21:00
Admission: 100,-

POP68 and POP69 in the shop

Our new releases have been available in our popshop for a while, but we have not told anyone about this – until now. But now you know, and since the covers are wall art you should ideally buy two of each.

Release concert for City Nomads

The debut album of Oslo Ocsillator to be released and celebrited Saturday December 8th at Cafe Mono. The concert will start at 18:00, so don’t oversleep. Before and after the concert DJ PopLove with Vegard og Elin will turn the tables.

Date: December 8th
Venue: Cafe Mono
DJ PopLove from 17:00
Concert start: 18:00 sharp
Admission: Free

Oslo Oscillator – City Nomads

In a time when old shoegaze favourites reform to play to audiences deprived of music which they can identify with, it is refreshing to hear new acts who are not afraid of making the past their own.

The Norwegian six-piece Oslo Oscillator’s debut album City Nomads is loaded with references to past masters, whether it is the textured pop productions of the 60s or the hazy guitars of the golden era of indie rock. Breezy pop tunes interchange with swerving soundscapes. Old amps and organs crackle, as harmonies, noise and shy vocals cloak the ears of the listeners. Stereolab and Slowdive are some obvious references from the same musical neighbourhood.

Thematically, however, the album is focused on more distant locations, with Southern Africa representing a seemingly undrainable reservoir of nostalgia and inspiration for songwriter, vocalist and chief nomad Kåre Eriksen. On City Nomads Eriksen oscillates between past and present, Cape Town and Oslo, faith and faithlessness, lamenting a time lost. The result is hauntingly nostalgic, recognizable and a thing of beauty.

Test pressings

Both were approved.










Future releases?

Perfect Pop Records is not yet ready to become a former record label. Hopefully both POP68 and POP69 will be released in 2018. Test press of the latter was sent on Friday, so if we can avoid any meteorite impacts the next few months, some new music will be ready in time for shopping some Christmas gifts.

Pictures from Spendless Appalooza 2018

Again someone remembered to bring along a camera, so we managed to take some pictures at Cafe Månefisken this Friday. Lots of blue light this time, but blue light or not – you will find the pictures here.

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