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The Blind Bats

When Perfect Pop rummaged through their dusty attic a few weeks ago, lo and behold, a few long lost photos of girl band pioneers The Blind Bats surfaced. Feast your eyes on these ancient artifacts from Perfect Pop’s infancy!

The photos were taken by renowned photographers Morten Andersen (known to The Blind Bats as “Mortan”), Maya Glaser and Perfect Pop’s own shutterbug par excellence Steinar Buholm.

The various band members, both those who never recorded with the group, and the others, later went on to various bands, such as the New York-based Oscar and the Pidgin Sisters, SS Bondevik, Ljodahått and The Vacuum Dreamers.

As luck would have it you can still purchase The Blind Bats’ debut EP (second pressing) and CD as well as The Vacuum Dreamers (chosen by Skatterbrain as one of his favourites in 2013) right here at Perfect Pop!

Astroburger at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter












Elin Grimstad at Big Pink Cake Christmas Party










Astroburger & American Suitcase

If you are going to attend a single concert this year, you do not need to look further. Astroburger and American Suitcase are teaming up to give you the pop sensation of the year.

Date: Friday June 6th
Venue: Pokalen in Oslo
Doors: 20:00

Christmas is saved

Astroburger will play on Last Train December 28.

Doors: 21.00
Admission: NOK 100,-

Release party An Ananas

If you take 3/5 of The Jessica Fletchers you get An Ananas. As reported earlier they were i progress recording their debut album, and finally – it has arrived. It is called Do you hear what I hear in the scream? and it is a gem. It is released on Springs & Plates, and the release party will be at Last Train Thursday 27. And it is of course available in our web shop.

Date: June 27th
Venue: Last Train in Oslo
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 50

Even more Astroburger

A new mini concept will see the day of light on Saturday 15. The new LPof Astroburger will be played followed by an acoustic set by the band. The whole thing will start very early, so if you enter the premises 9 PM you will be way to late for the Astroburger fun, but just in time for tonight’s Djs.

Date: June 15th
Venue: Sound of Mu in Oslo
Doors: 18:00
Admission: Free

This and that

Luna Kafé have reviewed both Go Tell the Bees by The Vacuum Dreamers and Lightyears Behind by Astroburger in their latest e-zine issue. You can find both reviews in our review section.

The LP of Lightyears Behind is now available in our shop. Also available is the songbook of Astroburger published by Logos forlag.

Release concerts Astroburger

On the occasion of relesing the new album called Lightyears Behind Astroburger had some pictures taken by L-P Lorentz to show them both from their brightest and the more darker side. Please take a look at the home page of LP to see some brilliant pictures of other artists etc. – he is one of the best there is.

Too little light in the picture for your taste? Have a look at when Astroburger saw the light.

Anyway – Astroburger do not release a new album just to be photographed, so they will have two release concerts in Trondheim and Oslo.

Astroburger, E. B. Havdal and Reiret Riders
Date: May 10th
Venue: Verkstedhallen in Trondheim
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 150

Date: February 28th
Venue: Crossroads in Oslo
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 130

Release party The Vacuum Dreamers

There will be a small release party for Don’t Tell the Bees by The Vacuum Dreamers from 5 PM on Friday the 3rd of May at Cafe Mono. Unfortunately the band will not play live, but you can enjoy DJ Steinar B (Robert Birdeye of The Vacuum Dreamers and The Tables) and DJ Njål B at the turntable from 5 PM to 9 PM. And you will of course be able to buy the new LP and the CD from last year, buy a beer and if you like – chat with the band.

At Soundcloud you can listen to Iris the Serene & Judy the Obscure # 2 while waiting on Friday.

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