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Test pressings

Both were approved.










Future releases?

Perfect Pop Records is not yet ready to become a former record label. Hopefully both POP68 and POP69 will be released in 2018. Test press of the latter was sent on Friday, so if we can avoid any meteorite impacts the next few months, some new music will be ready in time for shopping some Christmas gifts.

Pictures from Spendless Appalooza 2018

Again someone remembered to bring along a camera, so we managed to take some pictures at Cafe Månefisken this Friday. Lots of blue light this time, but blue light or not – you will find the pictures here.

Spendless Appalooza 2018

A few days from now Spendless Appalooza 2018 will be at Cafe Månefisken. Astroburger, Ping and An Ananas will play some of the songs they have made over the years.

Date: August 31
Venue: Cafe Månefisken
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 150

Astroburger at Rypekroken Roadhouse August 18, 2018

Yesterday Astroburger and Kosmik Boogie Tribe played at Rypekroken Roadhouse. For some reason we remembered to bring along a camera, and you will find some pictures here.

Frequency TV F.S.C.: Music on Both Sides (Groobie Tapes)

Two previous members of Perfect Pop stalwarts The Vacuum Dreamers and old favourites The Chairs have joined forces under the name Frequency TV F.S.C. and released eight songs on Bartleby’s great and exclusive cassette label Groobie Tapes. Blow the dust off your old cassette deck, buy a tape and enjoy their diverse and exciting new songs! You can hear a little taste here:
On Soundclud:
How Big Is Your Heart?
Hold Back the Dawn
On YouTube:
Best Shot
How Big Is Your Heart?

Going electropop!

The Time Lodgers at Last Train

LogoTTLPerfect Pop’s grand ol’ men The Time Lodgers will make a rare appearance and play multiple hits for your listening pleasure at Oslo’s ace rock’n’roll den Last Train on June 23. Be there!

Date: June 23
Venue: Last Train in Oslo
Admission: NOK 100

Winter Song

POP67Is it warm enough for you yet? Try cooling yourself off with this wintery pop ditty by the Åleskjær brothers from The Loch Ness Mouse! We may have forgotten to mention this catchy song was first released in 2014, but here it is as a video, just in time for summer. Perfect (pop) timing as always!

Release concert “The Loch Ness Mouse”

The Loch Ness Mouse will have a release concert for for their latest record called “The Loch Ness Mouse” at Blå, and as mentioned earlier it will be released both on CD and LP.
Support on stage this day is Ole & Silje Huleboer, and DJ Raymond T. Hauger of Beglomeg will turn the tables.

Date: March 10
Venue: Blå in Oslo
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 180

2016 Spendless Apalooza

Mir20160305Got some time on your hands? Pop round to Mir on March 5 and enjoy music from three of $pend£ess’ resident bands. An Ananas, Le Corbeau and Astroburger will emerge from their basement studio and do their best to entertain you – All Night Long (almost)!

Date: March 5
Venue: Café Mir in Oslo
Doors: 20:00
Admission: NOK 100

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