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Perfect Pop Records


Buy and download our songs online. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Tiscal and over 60 other places are of course also an option for downloading or streaming Perfect Pop-releases.

Current and previous recording artists on Perfect Pop Records:
Astroburger – BlogFacebook 1Facebook 2
The Jessica Fletchers – HomepageMySpace
Je Suis Animal – HomepageMySpace
Firefly Effect – MySpace
The Southern Alps – HomepageMySpace
The Loch Ness Mouse – HomepageMySpace
The Superman Can Flyes – Homepage
The Time Lodgers – Homepage
Astroburger – Homepage – MySpace
Haakon Ellingsen – Homepage – MySpace
Silly Pillows – Homepage
Todd Dillingham – MySpace
Television Personalities – MySpaceHuge fanpage
The Orange Alabaster Mushroom – MySpace

Some sites worth a click:

Groobie Tapes
Bartleby of The Tables excellent cassette label

Angular Recording Corporation
The English home for Je Suis Animal

The Lost and Lonesome Recording co
Where Je Suis Animal are to be found in Australia

Little Teddy Recordings
It’s about pop music and punk rock. Have released some of the Perfect pop artists in Germany.

Oslo Grammofon
Home of Monobird aka Jørn Åleskjær of The Loch Ness Mouse.

Apple Crumble Record
Japanese record store on the web selling Perfect Pop releases.

Luna Kafé e-zine
Great reviews! These idealists really know what they’re talking about.

The Elephant Six Recording Company
All you want to know about bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Apples in Stereo etc. Some of Perfect Pop’s fave bands.

Ptolemais Terrascope has folded, but lives on online as Terrascope
Great source of info about neo-psychedelic bands and other coolness.

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