Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records


POP02   The Time Lodgers: Envy
7″ EP 1991
POP03   The Release Party: Pink Bubblegum
7″ 1991
POP04   Astroburger: Venus Beach / Monsters of Doom: Lost on Venus
Split-LP 1991
POP05   The Bartlebees: The Girl That Wanted To Paint The Moon
7″ 1992
POP06   The Blind Bats: Banshee Girl
7″ EP 1992
POP07   The Tables: Shady Whims & Obstacles
CD 1992
POP08   The Time Lodgers: Slanted (8-track)
CD 1992
POP09   Todd Dillingham: A Dash of Haddock
7″ EP 1993
POP10   The Release Party: The Release Party
CD 1993
POP11   The Loch Ness Mouse: From the Countryside
7″ EP 1993
POP12   The Time Lodgers: Sometimes Never
CD 1994
POP13   The Blind Bats: Pop the Question
CD 1994
POP14   The Silly Pillows: Equilibrium
7″ EP 1994
POP16   King Midas: From the Pipeline
7″ EP 1994
POP17   The Tables: Holiday at Wobbledef Grunch
CD 1997
POP18   Robert Birdeye: The Now Or Never Popstar Or Teabag Conspiracy
7″ EP 1995
POP19   Watch Children: The Kinda Retarded Tapes
2×7″ EP 1995
POP20   Various Artists: A Perfect Pop Compilation 1991-1994
CD 1995
POP21   The Bartlebees: Twen Beat
7″ EP 1995
POP22   The Silly Pillows: Up in the Air
CD 1995
POP23   The Release Party: Follow Me
7″ 1996
POP24   The Orange Alabaster Mushroom: The Psychedelic Bedroom EP
7″ EP 1996
POP25   Television Personalities: Where’s Jowe Head Now?
7″ EP 1996
POP26   The Silly Pillows: Perfect Pop
7″ Promo 1996
POP27   The Tables: Picture Album (Ltd.Ed. 1 copy, not for sale)
Book 1997
POP28   The Silly Pillows: Out of Our Depth
CD 1996
POP29   King Midas: King Midas
CD 1997
POP30   Astroburger: Quite Obscure and Practically Marzipan
LP 1998
POP31   Arne Hansen & the Guitarspellers: Reindeer Can Fly!
CD 1997
POP32   Robert Birdeye: Robert Birdeye
7″ EP 2000
POP33   The Loch Ness Mouse: Flair for Darjeeling
CD/LP 1999
POP34   The Jessica Fletchers: Sorry About The Noise
CD-EP 2000
POP35   Various Artists: Doggie Pound Compilation
CD 1999
POP36   The Loch Ness Mouse: Ceylon Sailor (Split with Two Zero Records)
7″ EP 2000
POP37   The Superman Can Flys: The Tar-Tar Pop EP
7″ EP 2000
POP38   The Ethnobabes: You Can’t Make Me (7 songs)
10″ 2000
POP39   The Jessica Fletchers, The Superman Can Flyes, Colonel Clarke`s Orchestra
Band, Bartelby and The Loch Ness Mouse (Ltd.Ed., not for sale)
7″ 2001
POP40   Various Artists: Bestrummed! Perfect Pop 1995 – 2001
CD 2001
POP41   Haakon: Minstrel
CD 2001
POP42   Nutrition Facts: …still matter!
7″ EP 2001
POP43   The Ethnobabes: Stargazer
CD 2001
POP44   American Suitcase, Cinnamoon, Dipsomaniacs, Loch Ness Mouse,
LoveOctopus and Peru You: If I Make It Through Christmas
CD-EP 2001
POP45   The Jessica Fletchers: (Come On) It’s Only Nine
CD-EP 2002
POP46   The Loch Ness Mouse: Key West
CD 2002
POP47   The Tables: Nevermynd the Hillocks (Treble Witout A Cause)
CD/LP 2003
POP48   The Ethnobabes: Thoughts On Barbecuing
CD-EP 2003
POP49   The Jessica Fletchers: What Happened To The?
CD/LP 2003
POP50   Astroburger: Inferno In Fano
LP 2003
POP51   Arne Hansen & the Guitarspellers: The Popville Horror
CD 2003
POP52   The Loch Ness Mouse: Friends & Fenders EP
CD-EP 2003
POP53   Sir Haakon and the Popular Musicians: What Is To Come…?
CD 2004
POP54   The Jessica Fletchers: Summer Holiday & Me
CDS 2004
POP55   The Jessica Fletchers: Less Sophistication
CD 2004
POP56   The Ethnobabes: My Friend Ann
7″ 2005
POP57   Haakon Ellingsen: Bounty
CD 2005
POP58   The Loch Ness Mouse: 11-22
CD 2005
POP59   The Jessica Fletchers: You Spider
CD 2007
POP60   Various Artists: Tweest & Shout
LP 2011
POP61   Je Suis Animal: Self Taught Magic From a Book
CD 2008
POP62   Firefly Effect: Everything Is Beautiful And You Are The Reason
CD 2009
POP63   Firefly Effect: Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better
CD 2011
POP64   The Vacuum Dreamers: Don’t Fit the Bill
CD 2012
POP65   The Vacuum Dreamers: Go Tell the Bees
LP 2013
POP66   Astroburger: Lightyears Behind
CD/LP 2013
POP67   Jørn & Ole Johannes Åleskjær & The Marine Lights: Winter Song
CDS 2014

Sub labels

Public Demand Records

PDR001  The Tables: Shady Whims & Obstacles
CD 1999
PDR002  The Beautiful People: Sedated Times
CD-EP 2004
PDR003  The Beautiful People: The Beautiful People
CD-EP 2004
PDR004  The Southern Alps: The Southern Alps
LP 2011

Perfect Pop Digital (Digital releases only)

PPD001  The Southern Alps: Ten Tons of Snow
Single 2011
PPD002  Robert Birdeye: Octopus In a Goldfish Bowl
(The Complete Solo Recordings 1995-2000)
Album 2011
PPD003  Astroburger: I Used to Be Mod
Originally released by Big Ball Records (BBR008) in 1992
Album 2013
PPD004  Astroburger: In Orbit
Originally released by Big Ball Records (BBR010) in 1994
Album 2013
PPD005  Jørn & Ole Johannes Åleskjær & The Marine Lights: Winter Song
Single 2014
PPD006  Je Suis Animal: Balloons
Single 2015

Perfect Ostepop Records

POOP01  Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers: So happy I could pop – Volume 1
CD 2000
POOP02  Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers: So happy I could pop – Volume 2
CD 2000

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