Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records



 Tweest and Shout

Side 1
1. The Vacuum Dreamers: Thank You, Spirit
2. Monobird: Clock Factory
3. Astroburger: China Blue
4. Firefly Effect: Vivid In My Mind
5. The Chairs: New Lips (As Big As Hips)
6. An Ananas: Beware of Emos
7. The Loch Ness Mouse: Small Scale (3000 Feet High and Still Rising)
8. The Original Silly Pillows: Persnickety

Side 2
1. The Bus Shelters: Face Like a Butterfly
2. The Time Lodgers: Here We Go Again
3. Je Suis Animal: Tale From the Sea
4. LNM99: P. J. Olsen
5. The Bartlebees: Thumbs Off
6. American Suitcase: Polar Nights
7. Maracas Maracas: Invented Soul, Shocked By Rock’n’Roll
8. Varioola: Small Arched Windows

Bonus track on digital media:
Monobird: Carrier Pigeon

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