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New record from The Loch Ness Mouse

26. December 2015 – Publisert i Releases, The Loch Ness Mouse

TLNM_CoverWebIt’s certainly been a long wait. But good things come to those who wait, and the proof is right here:
The Loch Ness Mouse are just around the corner with a new album after “New Graffiti” which was released as far back as 2009!
The band is currently signed to Japanese label P-Vine (CD) and Norwegian label Voices of Wonder (LP/CD), and “The Loch Ness Mouse” will be out on January 22 in all Nordic countries and the EU through the latter. The Japanese release date is February 3.
Apart from the esteemed band themselves, the album will be brimful of guest artists, such as Frøkedal, Sondre Lerche and Magnus Hængsle. Strings are provided by Dark Horse Orchestra, and are written and conducted by Joshua Stamper (known for his work on Nikolaisen/Rundgren/Lindstrøm’s “Runddans“.)
We are definitely looking forward to hear from The Loch Ness Mouse again!

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