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Loch Ness Mouse & Astroburger

20. September 2021 – Publisert i Astroburger, Concerts, The Loch Ness Mouse

Astroburger and The Loch Ness Mouse join forces and play at Mir on Thursday September 23. This is an incredibly rare opportunity you have to see both bands at the same time as it is not often their paths cross.
You have an even bigger reason to come if you are desperately looking for I Used To Be Mod and In Orbit on vinyl. Don Bingo found a box with these in a dark and scary corner of the garage, and they will be sold along with other merchandise. Read his blog of the event here.

Date: September 23
Venue: Mir
Doors: 20:00
Admission: 200,-


2 comments på “Loch Ness Mouse & Astroburger”

  1. Tage Bratrud sier:

    Jeg vil gjerne kjøpe en I used to be mod plate hvis det blir igjen noen etter konserten.

    Hilsen uprivilegert astrofan bosatt i gokk!

  2. pjo sier:

    Beklager å måtte si det, men absolutt alle platene ble utsolgt så fort vi kom inn i lokalet.

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