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Perfect Pop Records

Almost a riot, and someone played on a Rickenbacker

25. September 2021 – Publisert i Astroburger, Concerts

As mentioned earlier, Don Bingo had found a box with I Used To Be Mod and In Orbit on vinyl, and we did put them up for sale in connection with the concert on Thursday. We must admit that this was the closest we have been to a riot, because as soon as we entered the venue in order to put up the merch table, people approached us desperate to get hold of the goodies. When the dust had settled a few minutes later, we were sold out, making our effort to put them on our price list (bottom left on the picture) in vain.

Due to a loose screw on his own bass, Andreas had to borrow one for the show, and this is the first time we have seen him playing on a Rickenbacker. We have to say it sounded awsome.

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