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The Southern Alps

Those of you who were following our old home pages some years ago will remember that we, for several years, brought you news about The Southern Alps. Primarily about upcoming concerts, but also about the album they were making, which was annually announced to come out “later this year”. On our new home pages The Southern Alps have been boringly absent, but they have continued to play gigs now and then, and have avoided saying anything about when the record would materialize. But now (drum roll) it’s finally (fanfare) finished! And what’s more, it has actually been sent to the pressing plant. The Southern Alps release will be a classic 12″ vinyl, and you’ll be able to get it by the end of the year. While waiting to get your hand on the record, you can shorten the wait by buying Ten Tons of Snow from your local digital music dealer.

This & that

Luna Kafé has a nice review of Tweest And Shout in the latest edition of their e-zine. As usual, you’ll find the review in our Reviews Section.

We have created a playlist on Soundcloud where you can listen to old and new songs (in no particular order) from the releases in our catalogue. There will be more in the coming weeks.

Our friends in Astroburger will play a show at Revolver here in Oslo, on Friday November 25th. Roll up! Roll up! Pop up! Pop Up! A splendid time is guaranteed for all! You are also allowed to take a look at their not-too-ancient home page and let yourself be entertained.

Birthday poster

Here is the poster for our birthday party at Mono:

The art work is by Bjørn Rune Lie, and the design by Amund Hesbøl.

Tribute from Monobird

Our friend Jørn Åleskjær, formerly of The Loch Ness Mouse, currently recording as Monobird, has made the following little musical tribute on the occasion of our 20 years anniversary. It’s called Perfect Pop 20 Years.

A Perfect Pop Mini festival at Mono!

Here is the line up for our celebration at Cafe Mono in Oslo:

Friday the 21st of October:
Katie Smokers Wedding Present (Ge) (with Armin
                                                                             of The Bartlebees)
The Time Lodgers (Out of hibernation)
Firefly Effect
An Ananas & The Jessica Fletchers (Briefly out
                                                                         of hibernation)
DJ Anthony

Admission: 150 kroner
First band on stage 2130.

Saturday the 22nd of October:
Monobird feat. Gary Olson
The Bartlebees (Ge) (Also out of hibernation)
The Loch Ness Mouse (the line up with Emil on drums
                                              and Morten on bass)
DJ Syrstad

Admission: 150 kroner
First band on stage 2130.

The Vacuum Dreamers

There’s a “new” band on the label – meet The Vacuum Dreamers!

Ex-members of The Tables, The Blind Bats and Astroburger joined forces a few years back creating an old-school Perfect Pop band, and have been hiding out in the Spendless studio ever since.  Shy and mildly neurotic, they’ve only been heard by a handful of people. They also let the tapes of their first album sit on the shelves for a couple of years just to let them mature, but in connection with Perfect Pop Records’ 20th anniversary they decided it was time to finally release the record. It will be out in just a few weeks!

TWEEST AND SHOUT! – 20 Years of Perfect Pop

Birthday party at Mono 21st and 22nd of October

Hurray! Perfect Pop Records celebrates our 20th birthday this autumn. And what a celebration! We will release a 12″ compilation and have two days with concerts at Cafe Mono – a scene so familiar to many of our bands through the years and a perfect place for this grand party! More details about the compilation and the line up in a few days.

Release party Firefly Effect

The release party of the new album Try again, fail again, fail better will be held at Revolver in Oslo, Friday May 6. The line up this evening will be as following:

Magnus Moriarty™
Firefly Effect
Easy & Center of the Universe

Anthony of Je Suis Animal will be DJ-ing before, between, and after the concerts.

Date: May 6
Venue: Revolver, Møllergata 32
Admission: 100 kroner
Doors open: 21.00

New album from Firefly Effect

We are happy to announce that the new Firefly Effect album – Try again, fail again, fail better (POP63), is ready and fresh from print! The great debut album, Everything is Beautiful and You are the Reason from 2009, received great critics, and we do believe pop lovers will enjoy the tasteful meal they serve us this time as well: Dance-alongs, sing-alongs, warm, happy songs with a touch of melancholy, blended together just as it has to be. Even a sad song as Heart of Gold makes you feel good.

Perfect Pop Night, March 5.

Beware, beware! Saturday, March 5, is Perfect Pop Night at Union Scene in Drammen, and the following bands are going to please those who use this unique opportunity to be in the right place at the right time:

* An Ananas. Never heard about them? They consist of three members from The Jessica Fletchers. They sound very differently, though we’re still talking pop marked Q for Quality.

* The Southern Alps. It’s been a long time since we last wrote about them here. Now our favourite New Zealand mountains are back, sounding better than ever.

* Astroburger. Our heroes in Astroburger are still going strong, and they will once again please any pop heart with their timeless songs.

The doors to the concert venue will open at 21.00. A warning may be due: First band may go on stage as early as 21.15 hours.

Where: Union Scene, Drammen.
When: Saturday, March 5, 21.00 hours.
Admission: NOK 150,-

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