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17. June 2012 – Publisert i Concerts, Releases, The Loch Ness Mouse

We can’t say for sure whether it’s a slow or a fast train coming, but we’re sure it’s gonna be a super-sonic event any way you look at it when The Loch Ness Mouse play two sets at Fossum train station on the old Urskog-Høland railway line on midsummer’s eve, June 23. The first set will start at 7 p.m., the second at 9. We at Perfect Pop promise nice weather, and we always keep our promises. Promise! We ought to mention that this narrow gauge railway has been occuring in several LNM songs from the indiepop days way back when, so the LNM playing live at this train station is something more than a far-fetched notion.

Back on the farm, you may have noticed that one of the founders of the LNM, Jørn Åleskjær, has released a solo album on VME/Tune-J, produced by his brother Ole, and with contributions from both Ole, Emil Nikolaisen and several other former and/or current members of The LNM. I’m So Glad I Spent This Day With You is the heart-warming title, and the press has reciprocated with a bunch of very heart-warming reviews. The album will also be released on the American indielabel Sounds Familyre. Meanwhile, back in China, or rather Ireland, a new 7” EP by The LNM has seen the light of day on the Irish Arkhanglesk Recordings (limited edition of 300 copies), with two tracks: Ask Him (a soulful tune from New Graffiti) and the unreleased Kunming, a groovy jazz/fusion impro piece – “dedicated to the city of Kunming, China, and the people we met there” – it says on the cover. Horizons are made to expand. You will find both releases in our Pop Shop.

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