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Debut album of Firefly Effect

20. November 2009 – Publisert i Firefly Effect, Releases

Some months ago Perfect Pop Records released the debut album of Firefly Effect: Everything is Beautiful and You are the Reason (POP62). You just can’t help but singing, dancing and smiling along to these great pop tunes, and even a sad song like “All the jokes” makes you feel good. This album is of course a must have, and our new friends in Firefly Effect are the family members Perfect Pop Records didn’t know we had –  but all of a sudden they came along with their

Heartfelt and
Clever pop songs!

We salute them, and we hope you do to. Among many great reviews, this is an excerpt of what Peter Krogholm of All Scandinavian writes:

“Underdogs. Or misfits. The lovable misfits. The very sympathetic anti heroes who succeed in spite of, with everybody rooting for them (except perhaps the jocks and their trophy girlfriends). Yes, I am talking feel good movies, especially the new generation of teen comedies represented by Juno and Superbad among many others.

And why do I talk about feel good comedies, you might rightfully ask? Because that’s what I think of when listening to Norwegian indiepoppers Firefly Effect’s debut album ‘Everything Is Beautiful And You Are The Reason’. As I’ve said before, it’s quirky, jangly and jingly, and infectiously imperfect, a musical misfit who’d be the perfect soundtrack to said movies. Underdog pop to put in two words.

Firefly Effect deserve success. Not in spite of, but because of… And I for one am rooting for them.”

Great ending. Read the complete review here. And if you will try to improve your Norwegian – you will find more reviews of the release in the review section.

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