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Firefly Effect: Everything Is Beautiful And You Are The Reason

Words: Peter Krogholm

Firefly Effect

Underdogs. Or misfits. The lovable misfits. The very sympathetic anti heroes who succeed in spite of, with everybody rooting for them (except perhaps the jocks and their trophy girlfriends). Yes, I am talking feel good movies, especially the new generation of teen comedies represented by Juno and Superbad among many others.

And why do I talk about feel good comedies, you might rightfully ask? Because that’s what I think of when listening to Norwegian indiepoppers Firefly Effect’s debut album ‘Everything Is Beautiful And You Are The Reason’. As I’ve said before, it’s quirky, jangly and jingly, and infectiously imperfect, a musical misfit who’d be the perfect soundtrack to said movies. Underdog pop to put in two words.

Originally a one man project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Truls Solerød Johnsen (debut EP ‘Strange Girls’ released in 2006 with the title track reworked for ‘Everything Is…’) the Firefly has grown to a quartet. It is, however, still Johnsen who writes all music and lyrics, impressing with his knack for short, to the point bittersweet pop pearls with a feel of 60s psychedelia.

Firefly Effect deserve success. Not in spite of, but because of… And I for one am rooting for them.

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