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The Blind Bats

5. September 2015 – Publisert i The Blind Bats, The Vacuum Dreamers

When Perfect Pop rummaged through their dusty attic a few weeks ago, lo and behold, a few long lost photos of girl band pioneers The Blind Bats surfaced. Feast your eyes on these ancient artifacts from Perfect Pop’s infancy!

The photos were taken by renowned photographers Morten Andersen (known to The Blind Bats as “Mortan”), Maya Glaser and Perfect Pop’s own shutterbug par excellence Steinar Buholm.

The various band members, both those who never recorded with the group, and the others, later went on to various bands, such as the New York-based Oscar and the Pidgin Sisters, SS Bondevik, LjodahÄtt and The Vacuum Dreamers.

As luck would have it you can still purchase The Blind Bats’ debut EP (second pressing) and CD as well as The Vacuum Dreamers (chosen by Skatterbrain as one of his favourites in 2013) right here at Perfect Pop!

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