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1. December 2011 – Publisert i News, Releases, The Southern Alps

Those of you who were following our old home pages some years ago will remember that we, for several years, brought you news about The Southern Alps. Primarily about upcoming concerts, but also about the album they were making, which was annually announced to come out “later this year”. On our new home pages The Southern Alps have been boringly absent, but they have continued to play gigs now and then, and have avoided saying anything about when the record would materialize. But now (drum roll) it’s finally (fanfare) finished! And what’s more, it has actually been sent to the pressing plant. The Southern Alps release will be a classic 12″ vinyl, and you’ll be able to get it by the end of the year. While waiting to get your hand on the record, you can shorten the wait by buying Ten Tons of Snow from your local digital music dealer.

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