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The Vacuum Dreamers

21. September 2011 – Publisert i News, Releases, The Vacuum Dreamers

There’s a “new” band on the label – meet The Vacuum Dreamers!

Ex-members of The Tables, The Blind Bats and Astroburger joined forces a few years back creating an old-school Perfect Pop band, and have been hiding out in the Spendless studio ever since.  Shy and mildly neurotic, they’ve only been heard by a handful of people. They also let the tapes of their first album sit on the shelves for a couple of years just to let them mature, but in connection with Perfect Pop Records’ 20th anniversary they decided it was time to finally release the record. It will be out in just a few weeks!

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  1. Andy Bartleby sier:

    here here here I want a copy when it’s available… please, pretty please !!! 🙂 ND

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