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10. August 2010 – Publisert i Releases, The Loch Ness Mouse

While most people spend their summers relaxing and claiming well earned vacations, our friends in The Loch Ness Mouse spent theirs on music. They released a luxury edition of their legendary debut album Flair for Darjeeling on Hype City Records in early July. CD1 contains the album in a remastered version, while CD2, called Flair for Skulerud, contains 11 tracks where 9 is carefully picked from a variety of vinyl releases, and the last two tracks is never heard before.

The first of the two tracks is No Flowers For Florine, and was supposed to be released on a Japanese tribute to The Bartlebees, but this release never saw the light of day. The other track, called Sotheby’s, was recorded during the same session as Ceylon Sailor.

The release was paired with a concert where the band played the entire Flair For Darjeeling at the Egersund Visefestival, and the latest rumours literally scream that this will occur again somewhere in Oslo sometime in August. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope there are some reality in these rumours. Sirkel_LNM

The Loch Ness Mouse have also released a split 7″ together with Mary Me Young on Sirkel Records. The song is called Small Scale  (3000ft high and still rising), and you can get it in our PoPstore now!

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