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7″ from Je Suis Animal

7. November 2009 – Publisert i Je Suis Animal, News, Releases

During the last 12 months, Je Suis Animal has released three 7″ on as many labels.

7 Inch GluepocketPainted in My Face/Photograph was released on Cloudberry Records last fall. Cloudberry Records is a nice little label based in Miami, Florida and they releases 7″ vinyl and 3″ CDs only. To date they have released more than 100 titles, which is quite amazing.

MysteryThe Mystery Of Marie Roget/Secret Place was released on Angular Recording Corporation in February this year. Angular is the English home of Je Suis Animal, and released the debut album Self-Taught Magic From a Book in December 2008. In mid December this year Angular will release this album in Germany with Je Suis Animal having a few concerts promoting the release. More about dates and venues later.

LNNRFortune Map was released on Lucky Number Nine Records in April this year. The record label is based in Glasgow (is there any bands or labels elsewhere in Scotland?) and releases mostly 7″ with additional CDs for those without a record player. Like Cloudberry Records, Lucky Number Nine Records is a nice little label, so please visit them both.

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