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New CD from American Suitcase

31. October 2009 – Publisert i American Suitcase, News

VME145smallAfter 5 years of recording, our friends in American Suitcase have finally released their latest CD called Pillowsky. The release party was at John Dee yesterday Friday. Don Bingo of Astroburger started off the evening with a few songs solo Рjust him and a keyboard. He played 3 songs in a style he called Baroque pop. The last song was an semi-improvised instrumental Рyou could not tell, and he finished his small set with bravour.

Seven Doors Hotel was next in line. They played an inspiring set of their cocktail of country/rock/pop/blues – you can probably call it americana and get away with it.

The last act of the evening was of course American Suitcase. With two additional guys on keyboards and percussion, the foursome had their best concert in years. Some will say that, since the band for years just has been a duo (Egil and Anders) most of the time playing accoustic sets now and then, this was a small feature, but you know what we mean. Anyway – all smiles both at stage and in the audience.

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