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Whatever happened to Bartleby?

28. August 2009 – Publisert i News, The Tables

Bartleby (a.k.a Tore Sørensen), the former singer of The Tables, sent us an email a while ago which we duplicate here:

Hey, guys! I’ve spent the last years writing a non-fiction book, which was published in May 2009 by Andresen & Butenschøn. I thought you might like to post something about it on the Perfect Pop website to show that I haven’t “gone to the dogs” after the demise of The Tables. You can have a look of the cover here, made by Amund Hesbøl, who also made the cover for the last Tables album. Looks darned good, doesn’t it? It’s a popular history book about famous and infamous hoaxes and hoaxers, written in Norwegian, with a lot of illustrations. You’ll find chapters on the Cardiff Giant, the Great Moon Hoax in 1835, mermaids and jenny hanivers (featuring P.T. Barnum), the great sea serpent of Albert Koch, the origin of the Loch Ness monster (not the Mouse!), the myth of the Patagonian giants, literary forgeries (both humorous and bizarre), the story of Orson Welles and the “Invasion from Mars” radio broadcast, how the Louvre was fooled by the tiara of Saitaphernes, how the modern alchemist Franz Tausend made people think he could make gold in the 1920’s, and many other curious stories from the byways of history. Should be fun to read. The title “Bløffer og bløffmakere – episoder fra bedrageriets kulturhistorie” translates something like “Hoaxes and Hoaxers – Episodes in the Cultural History of Deceit”. The perfect gift for any occasion. (Hah, that was a clever phrase, eh?).

Keep on popping!

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