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Perfect Pop Records

POP61 – Load and Quiet

Je Suis Animal
Self-Taught Magic From A Book
words by Danny Canter

The story goes that the foursome of Je Suis Animal recorded this debut album on a diet of tea and gingerbread men. In seven days. Without sleep. And it all makes perfect sense, providing the tea was taken with 10 sugars a time and a splash of LSD. Because ‘Self-Taught Magic From A Book’ is chirping Skandinavian pop for light heads with sweet teeth. ‘Secret Place’ starts like a carefree Belle And Sebastian, only with some Radio Dept. guitar fuzzes to keep your bonce from bobbing off over the nearest, snow-capped mountain. ‘The Mystery Of Marie Roget’ is then Sleeper plus pan-pipes, and while the choir-like lead vocals of Elin Grimstad grow dangerously sickening at times you can’t stay mad at this floating dream pop. It’ll only give you the puppy dog eyes.

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