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Perfect Pop Records

POP48 – SoundsXP

Yes, I know, there’s no way round it. I cannot even begin to review this record without mentioning how gut-wrenchingly awful their name is. The only excuse I can begin to offer is that they’re Norwegian and that their interestingly-titled EP is surprisingly good actually.

Lead track The Tongue Song, appears to be named after the inedible cold meat rather than the version found in the human mouth as it details the contents of the band’s fridge in sweet female harmonies over a jangly guitar backing. A Bike is a twee, almost C86-like fairground waltz but quite adorable at the same time and Number Eight is a cute tale of falling in love on a slightly too-regular basis reminiscent of one-time Neighbours and Home and Away background music uberlords, Frenté. Now, about that name, guys.

Review by James S

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