Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records

POP43 – Luna Kafé

There were a seven song 10″ chock full of girl-power-pop (eehh…) from The Ethnobabes earlier this year, so I was a bit surprised when this full-length album arrived. My excitement cooled off a bit when I found out that all those songs are represented on this album as well but a recycling does not hurt. The Oslo-based five-piece has added six new songs and – voila – an The Ethnobabes album.

The five-piece plays catchy – at times extremely catchy – POP music, English style. Vocalist Eivor must be Norway’s answer to Popguns’ (where are they now?) Wendy, one part whimsy, one part naïve but very delicate. Pity it’s so difficult to hear the words… Add some inventive guitar playing and the odd flute and keyboard and you have Tables with female vocals (on some songs at least). And yes, Bartleby is the producer.

– Pingo

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