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The Ethnobabes – “Stargazer” cd (Perfect Pop)

As can (and should) be expected from Perfect Pop Records, this is perfect pop music. This Norwegian group of boys and girls play short fun summery pop songs with jangly and shimmery guitars and girl vocal harmonies similar to Heavenly or Eggplant. In fact, the whole band sounds very similar to Heavenly – “Shoe Shine Days” seriously could’ve been taken right off of “Operation Heavenly”. Most of the songs fall under the three minute mark, with only two hitting 3½ minutes. Well, except the last track has the annoying five minutes of silence before you hear a 30 second a capella reprise for “Jennifer Reads”. Any fan of pure indiepop in the vein of the newer Elefant stuff (especially Vacaciones), Look Blue Go Purple, and of course Heavenly, will surely enjoy this. And for those who missed their “You Can’t Make Me” 10″ release from a couple years back will be happy to know that all seven tracks are also on this cd. And if you already have it, well, you’ve got two copies of those songs now…


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