Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records

POP43 – In Music We Trust

Review from In Music We Trust, USA, September 2002

Sugary and cute, The Ethnobabes’ Stargazer on Norway’s Perfect Pop Records is a candy fanatic’s dream, a teeth-rotting, cute-sounding female pop band that can turn you on as easily as they can make you sing along. The songs are almost always lightweight and bouncy, the epitome of a perfect pop song, fluffy and oh-so-irresistible. The one thing that keeps them from living up to their record label’s name and making a ‘perfect pop’ record is their loud, buzzing guitars, which creep their way into a song here and there, giving everything a bite.
As you bounce and bop, you realize why you love the band. They’re so damn saccharine but haven’t forgotten how to rattle the boat every now and then with their rock tendencies. I’ll give this an A.

– Alex Steininger

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