Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records

POP40 – Broken Face

From Broken Face #11, June 2001

We`ve been spreading a lot of praise over a few considerable new Norwegians labels such as krank, Smalltown Supersound and Apartement over the course of The Broken Face`s entire existence. In order for these kind of small labels to get going there are often other pioneers before them, somehow paving ground. One of these labels in Norway is Oslo-based Perfect Pop Records that has been at it for ten years now. To celebrayte this special occasion these fine folks have assembled 19 songs(16 previously released and 3 bonus tracks), covering the six years from their previous compilation, “The Perfect Pop Compilation 1991-1994”.

“Bestrummed” offers pretty much what we`ve come to expect from this label,warm slightly psych-bent pop songs which is all about hooks and bubbling harmonies. The whimsical tunefulness of The Tables is always a pleasure to witness. And don`t get me started on the two Beach Boys meets Television Personalities songs from Loch Ness Mouse and the bouncy organ pop of The Silly Pillows. Other highlights of sparkling songcraft come in The Jessica Fletchers’ contributions that flows somewhere between light 60s psych pop and the catchier side of the Elephant 6 collective. Robert Birdeye, Astroburger and The Orange Alabaster Mushroom are few of the other bands, which appear on this nice collection of summer pop.

– Mats Gustafsson

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