Perfect Pop Records

Perfect Pop Records

POP38 – Cookie Scene

Review from Cookie Scene, Vol. 18, Japan, March 2001

The debut release by a girly popband which showed us a smashing preemie with the great Juniper-ish song on the “Doggie Pond” compilation CD on their homelabel Perfect Pop Records. Their debut came out as a seven song 45 rpm 10″ EP (vinyl only). It sounds like shiny-pure-innocent-jingle pop. You could imagine: Heavenly meets the Bartlebees in theme and the sound of the Loch Ness Mouse as well. Actually there is no filler songs on the record and it is my recommendation. The highlights are “Waltz Away”, that has backingvocals by ex-The Bartlebees -Toby, also “The Odd Shopper” impressed be quite strongly when I saw them live in Norway in last June, what’s more; the last song “Make Some Sound” makes a great ending of the whole EP. I will surly write more about this band next time I get a chance… in “Rover Report”

– Kenji Sekioka

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