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POP08 – The Bob

Fans of bouncy power-pop bands on the order of the Pooh Sticks will definitely fall in love with the melodic magic conjured up by The Time Lodgers on this eight-song CD EP. Without sounding too cute or affected, this Norwegian quartet evokes a feeling of youthful innocence that is as irresistibly charming as anything to come along in quite some time.

The lead-off track «Okay» has to be one of the most optimistic songs ever, not just because of the pounding drums and chiming guitars that are mixed way up front, but also because of the lyrics which are so darn cheerful and unassuming that they’re virtually guaranteed to shed a little happiness on even the darkest of souls. «In The Supermarket» is ppprobably the most hard-edged track here and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Wonder Stuff or even a Mega City 4 album. While the lyrics are a commentary on consumerism that are mmeant to be critical, they’re written from such a naturally upbeat and innicent point of view that there are nary a hint of anger. The only non-original in the bunch, «Dear Nellie Goodrich», was recorded by the (U.K.) Kaleidoscope back in 1967. Not recognizing the song immediately, had I not looked at the writing credits I would never have known that it was not an original. In fact, a number of tunes here harken back to the days of flower power, both musically and lyrically.

A cynic might dismiss this album as being forgettable, lightweight pop fluff. The fact is, however, that there is something about this disc that can’t be ignored, that keeps the listener coming back again and again. Sometimes it’s just so refreshing to hear some good, honest, heartfelt music from a completely different point of view.

-Jeff Shore

(From The Bob, 1993, USA)

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