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no48dA few moons back we informed that The Tables played Pink Floyd (one of the tracks off that single is also represented on this moon’s Syd Barrett tribute album). Now they’ve moved (got that one?) to Idle Race, the first real band of a young Jeff Lynne before he went on to fame and – finally – fortune with The Move, Electric Light Orchestra, Travelling Wilburys and – finally – almost The Beatles. Now don’t be afraid, Idle Race was something different compared to that ELO (except the vocals), a fine little pop and popsike group, indeed. The Tables have picked four songs off Birthday Party, Idle Race’s debut album of 1968. My copy of the EP is really thick and sickly green vinyl. Which suits some of the tracks, two of them are among Idle Race’s most hilarious and The Tables have made them even more hilarious. I Like My Toys about the nearly 31 year old boy who has no wish to find a job and lives at home with Mum and plays, is far out. The Skeleton And The Roundabout even further so with the chorus sung in Norwegian (Check out my cool carousel!). Watch out for mellotrons on the loose, ocarinas nicely out of tune, male chorus and happy melodies. Sitting In My Tree is closer to earth, really, while End Of The Road gives time for afterthought (Please wait for me, I’ll be there at the end of the road). If you like British pop music in the, let’s say, Kinks tradition, you can do worse than checking out the original Idle Race recordings or this EP.

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