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Perfect Pop Records

Painted In My Face – It’s A Trap

Je Suis Animal – Painted in my face b/w Photograph 7″
(Cloudberry Records)


This is what well-executed tweepop should sound like: sweet and delicate with a soft, fuzzy coating. I’ve generally considered Norway’s Je Suis Animal to be one of the finer current bands in this style currently going and this recent 7″ of theirs does not disappoint. The a-side “Painted in my face” is an upbeat number full of clever melodic twists that give it a bittersweet edge. It’s also as good, if not better than anything from their debut full-length “Self-taught magic from a book”, promising proof that the band is moving forward onto bigger and better things. On the flip we’re treated to “Photograph”, a slightly slower, more extended track that trades guitar leads for the kind of vocal harmonies the also-rans are too scared to even try. While the first couple of Cloudberry vinyl releases more or less left me cold, this one is assured of repeated listens. Nicely done!

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