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Fortune Map – Altsounds

Je Suis Animal – Fortune Map [Single]


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March 20, 2009, 09:53 PM

Je Suis Animal’s debut album ‘Self Taught Magic From a Book’ released at the end of 2008 garnered much praise in twee-pop circles. Their second single from the album, released next month but dating back to 2005, should help get them a bit more attention beyond the indie-pop cognoscenti.

The four piece from Oslo, Norway join the current deluge of C86-era referencing bands but ‘Fortune Map’ stands out from the crowd. Yes Je Suis Animal blend dreamy-deadpan female vocals with jangly guitars and effects but on this song reference 60s psychedelia and the Velvet Underground in equal measure too.

So less shoe gaze and sunshine here; more like early-Broadcast with Mo Tucker on drums delivering an edgy, intoxicating, guitar-fuzz rush by the end of its perfectly-formed three minutes.

A trip definitely worth taking.

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