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Birdeye – just in time for Christmas

19. December 2011 – Publisert i News, Releases, Robert Birdeye, The Tables

Perfect Pop is proudly launching a digital only subsidiary label called Perfect Pop Digital (PPD), from which you can download whole albums or other units of music. We’re starting off with a compilation by the legendary Robert Birdeye, called Octopus In A Goldfish Bowl – The Complete Solo Recordings 1995 – 2000. This album, with cover art by Bartleby, consists of all the songs from Birdeye’s two 7” EPs, plus one song from the first Perfect Pop compilation CD. The sound quality is excellent, since these are true masters, not vinyl rips or culled from other disreputable sources (like the shoddy bootleg album released in Tasmania…) FYI: Robert Birdeye is a founding member of The Tables, and has also played with many other bands – Sister Rain, The Time Lodgers, The Soft Rebels – and nowadays he can be found behind the drumkit in The Vacuum Dreamers (if he can be found at all.) We’re sure you’ll be pleased by these 12 slices of intriguing psychedelic garage pop with purple flashes from the mind of a true artist of the aberrant kind! You can buy or stream it from your local digital music dealer.

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